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Why Choose Designer Screen Shades for Your Light-Filled Spaces

Summer’s in full swing, and we couldn’t be more excited for the extended daylight hours, fun in the pool, and cookouts in the backyard. No matter what style of home you have, there’s likely at least one directly adjacent to your outdoor space that gets just a little bit more sunshine than the rest. Some homes have patios, others have sunrooms, some lucky homes have glass from floor to ceiling that need up-to-snuff window treatments during these extra sunny months.

Hunter Douglas Screen Shades, Solar Shades, banded shades on windows near Encinitas, California (CA)

At North County Blinds, we have the perfect solution for all your light-filled spaces: Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades. With so many window treatments to choose from, you might be wondering what makes Designer Screen Shades so ideal for the rooms in our home that get the most sunshine. Below is our top list of reasons to choose Designer Screen Shades.

UV Protection

One of the key reasons to add a Designer Screen Shade is added UV protection. Harmful sun rays are no laughing matter—they can cause furniture, flooring, and even artwork to fade, among many other interior concerns. At North County Blinds, we want to protect your home and increase its value, not stand by and let your decor fall to the wayside from the unforgiving summer sun. The same way you wear sunscreen to the beach, you want to add effective window treatments to your home to shield and protect against the sun’s harmful rays. Depending on your fabric choice, our Designer Screen Shades block between 86-99% of the sun’s harmful rays.

Better Privacy

If we’re talking patios and sunrooms, who doesn’t love to enjoy their morning cup of joe reading a book, or performing a quick yoga routine where the natural light can shine down in these gorgeous spaces? One thing nobody wants is prying eyes making you feel like you can’t enjoy your outdoor-adjacent spaces. Privacy is extremely important to most homeowners, and it’s one of the most challenging things to get when you don’t live in a rural area. Designer Screen Shades are the perfect solution because they allow you to have privacy in these spaces without compromising the natural light pouring in.

Unobstructed Views

The beauty of Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades is that they can be completely custom-made and tailored to your exact preferences. The fabrics we use to make the shade are organized by openness factor, and there are five openness factors to choose from. When you opt for a fabric choice that maximizes your outdoor views, you can still reap the benefits of added privacy and UV protection without obstructing your outdoor views. That’s why this is our favorite window treatment for sunrooms and patios, where the outdoor view is one of the highlights of these living spaces.

Sustainable Options

Truly, our favorite part of the Designer Screen Shade line is the newest addition to the fabric choices: Sea-Tex™ Screen Shades. The Greenscreen Sea-Tex™ fabric is brand new to Hunter Douglas, and was a joint effort between Hunter Douglas and Bionic®, a mission-driven material engineering company that has established coastal recycling infrastructure in developing nations that delivers fully traceable textiles from marine and coastal plastic. The Greenscreen Sea-Tex™ fabric is comprised of yarn that’s made from reclaimed, washed-ashore plastic, making it one of the most sustainable window treatments on the market. GreenScreen® Sea-Tex™ screen shade fabrics are available in five neutral tones each with a 3% openness. Now you can make a window treatment choice you feel good about in more ways than one: helping to upcycle plastic to keep our oceans cleaner while adding a window treatment that will help your home’s own energy efficiency to keep your utility bills and energy consumption lower. A greener carbon footprint has never been so simple!

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